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We don't expect celebrities to genuinely be good at the video games they appear in, but one would think that Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich could play his own band's songs in Guitar Hero. But no...


Disappointingly, the Metallica founder, who will digitally appear in Guitar Hero Metallica in May doesn't have the skills to unlock his own song. Lars tells music mag Blender the sad tale of proving to his kids that, you know, there are actually Metallica songs in Guitar Hero III.

"We were never good enough to earn our way to play 'One.'" Ulrich says. "So after a couple of months, my kids didn't actually believe there was a Metallica song in this fuckin' game, so I had to call the guys: "Can we get the cheat codes, please?" And the same thing with 'Enter Sandman' on Rock Band.'"

But wait, it gets more disheartening.

"I'll tell you a little secret about the gaming industry: You know who gave me the cheat codes to Rock Band? The guy at Guitar Hero! Isn't it nice how they all sort of work together in a perverse way?" Ulrich said. Well, that shatters the illusion that Harmonix and Neversoft employees guard their secrets with ruthless abandon and that if either developer is seen on the other's turf, a switchblade fight ensues.


Lars also recounts the harrowing tale of being wedged into a motion capture suit, which Guitar Hero Metallica tune is his sentimental favorite and how three Kill 'Em All tracks almost didn't make it into the game.

Lars Ulrich Reveals the Secrets Behind Guitar Hero Metallica [Blender]

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