Glenn Beck Thinks Watch Dogs Teaches People How To Hack In Real Life

I doubt anyone expects conservative pundit Glenn Beck to say anything particularly insightful about games, judging by the ignorant comments he's made about the industry in the past. But listening to him talk about Watch Dogs is kind of funny, since he's convinced it'll teach kids how to hack into his iPad. »5/30/14 3:30pm5/30/14 3:30pm


GTA IV Causes "Reprehensible" Behavior (Also, Has Rape!)

Glenn Beck, star of the previously posted "Stupidest Anti-GTA Vid You'll See Today", recently had Focus on the Family founder Dr. James Dobson on his CNN show to bemoan the disintegration of the institution of the family. The family, Dobson and Beck agree, is under attack from every direction, from politicians, from… »5/14/08 7:40pm5/14/08 7:40pm