Gangnam Style Rapper Apologizes for His Anti-American Past

PSY is sitting on top of the world. His song Gangnam Style is about to log its one billionth view, and PSY is performing in Washington D.C. in front of the President. Everything is going well for PSY, except one thing: his anti Anti-American protests.

Born Park Jae-sang, the 34 year-old rapper went to college in the… »12/10/12 4:00am12/10/12 4:00am

Way Before “Gangnam Style”, Gangnam Was Very Different

This summer, the K-pop single "Gangnam Style" hasn't only been popular in its native South Korea, but it has also captured the imagination of those outside the country. Gangnam is a ritzy area of Seoul and the term "Gangnam style" obviously refers to that district. However, Gangnam wasn't always galloping horse… »9/07/12 4:00am9/07/12 4:00am