"Gangnam Style" seems so 2012. It is! But what does that matter when you're dead and want to oppan funeral style?

The song continues to get airplay in China, among the living and the dead, it seems.

First noted by a Weibo user (via ShanghaiIst), "Gangnam Style" is being used as dirges at funerals in cities like Nanjing. At lots and lots of them, apparently.

Yangtse.com (also via ShanghaiIst) reports that Nanjing officials are sick of hearing the song blaring from funeral halls, but they will "tolerate" the wishes of the recently departed so that, I guess, they can do the horsey dance into the great beyond.

村民办丧事放江南style 网友:让人难接受又扰民 [Yangtse.com via ShanghaiIst]

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