PSY's Follow-Up to "Gangnam Style" Leaks Online

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This Saturday, PSY will be performing at Seoul World Cup Stadium. According to AP, PSY said he will "share his new single with the world". Too late, it's already leaked online. That's the internet for ya!


Dubbed "Gentleman", the tune is South Korean performer's follow-up to the smash hit "Gangnam Style" and is on sale today. It's currently all over YouTube, where it leaked hours before it went on sale.

Below, you can hear the song and read its Romanized lyrics—before you decide to buy it, that is.

And there's already a keyboard cover for those of you into...keyboard covers.

"Gangnam Style" will be one tough act to follow. The song garnered over 1.5 billion videos on YouTube and spawned a global dance craze.

Sure hope that guy in the elevator returns.

Gentleman Korean + Romanized Lyrics [PSY]



Hmmm... not as catchy. We'll have to see how wacky video will be then, Gangnam Style succeeded mostly because of the video and the dance rather than the tune IMO.

Oh, the elevator guy, No Hong-chul returns. In fact the new video features the entire cast of Infinity Challenge, that means the Nation's MC also returns. Psy's entire career depends on how well this next video does, if it fails, he'll be soon forgotten.