Crackdown 3 Shows What The Xbox One Can Really Do

Much was made of the Xbox One’s “cloud capabilities” around the time of its announcement, but until now, the only prominent use of that technology was Forza’s “Driveatar” functionality, which essentially created a simulacrum of a player’s driving personality that lived on a server somewhere. Crackdown 3, however, has… »8/10/15 4:00pm8/10/15 4:00pm

Microsoft Will Put Its Own Games On Xbox Early Access

Since announcing Xbox Game Preview (Xbox’s version of Early Access) at E3, Microsoft has had “a mad rush from the game development community” to be part of its pilot program, says the company’s head of publishing Shannon Loftis—even Microsoft itself plans to release its own first-party games through the service. »8/06/15 10:00am8/06/15 10:00am