Not All Of Black Ops II's Emblems Are Penis Swastikas, You Know

The emblems in Call of Duty get such a bad rap. People would have you think it's a wasteland of genitalia, particularly penis swastikas. Sure, sure. Those types of emblems happen sometimes. Most of what I've come across aren't penis swastikas though. Actually, folks are using the 32 layer capacity of the emblem… »1/17/13 4:30pm1/17/13 4:30pm

Sleeping Dogs Goes for the Full Bruce Lee with Today’s Zodiac Tournament DLC

In Sleeping Dogs, you could get a outfit that was basically what Bruce Lee wore in Game of Death. And lead character Wei Shen kicked ass in a way that paid homage to the martial arts icon. Now, the next big add-on for Square Enix' open-world hit goes even further into the funky world of 1970s kung-fu cinema with … »12/19/12 10:00am12/19/12 10:00am

Dial H #7 Puts Two Unlikely Heroes on the Hunt for a Secret Telephone-Worshipping Cult

Dial H is the good kind of weird. The DC comics series springs from the imagination of renowned fantasy author China Mieville and plays host to all sorts of weird, shouldn't-exist-even-in-comics heroes and villains So far, thanks to aging hippie engineer Roxie, lead character Nelson's learned some of the origin of… »12/04/12 3:30pm12/04/12 3:30pm