The emblems in Call of Duty get such a bad rap. People would have you think it's a wasteland of genitalia, particularly penis swastikas. Sure, sure. Those types of emblems happen sometimes. Most of what I've come across aren't penis swastikas though. Actually, folks are using the 32 layer capacity of the emblem editor in Black Ops II to make some great things. Take a look in the gallery above.


Some even come with tutorials, as is the case with the superb Batman above, by YouTube user TheTizzlenut.

And, naturally, if you have an emblem to show off, share in the comments. Non-penis ones, I mean. (But who am I kidding, really?)


Triforce emblem by Giant Bomb user Golguin.

Finn and Jake from Adventure Time, by Tim Lundberg.

Eric Cartman by YouTube user dpjsc08.

Nyancat Pikachu by YouTube user Sherbertmelon.

Fennekin from the upcoming Pokemon game, by YouTube user DreadlockGamer.


Wreck-It Ralph, by Tumblr user dstens.

Amaterasu from Okami, from Tumblr user bribriblitz.

Leonidas by YouTube user babifoot.

Spongebob Squarepants emblem by YouTube user TheMadReview.


Super Meat Boy by Giant Bomb user Drace.

Persona 3's protagonist by Giant Bomb user billycmehling.

Iron Man/Angry Bird hybrid by CoDEmblemTutorials.


Arthur, via the emblops Tumblr. I'm amused by their quip: "yeah, fuck that. if i see this, i'm out. hands up. log off. i'm out. you don't fuck with someone who has the friendliest emblem on earth. you just don't."