A Strange Game That Lets You Create A Digital Art Gallery About Anything

Art galleries can be cool. But they are hard to create, so we don’t get as many galleries as we deserve. For example? Where are the galleries and museums for things like broken extension cords? Or people like Keanu Reeves? Well, thankfully, with The Anything Gallery, you can create a gallery about whatever you want. Anything.


Created by Jan Malitschek, The Anything Gallery is a small free game that pulls images, videos and text from the internet and then creates a large, possibly never-ending, virtual gallery based on whatever you desire. Want a gallery dedicated to Kermit The Frog? Easy.

What about a gallery focused exclusively on the PS5? Sure, you can get that if you want. It’s easier than getting a real PS5, that’s for sure. These digital galleries you create, like the one I explored that was focused on The Master Chief, aren’t just images either. They will be filled with videos and text, also pulled from the web. For example, that Master Chief gallery I mentioned, had a fan video from Fornite in it.

And yes, if you really want to you can make a gallery dedicated to yourself. I did this. I don’t recommend it. It’s creepy.


The Anything Gallery isn’t the most stable game I’ve played this year, with some strange bugs and hitches. But it also is a game that lets me create a gallery dedicated to Prince’s Video for Rasberry Berret. So, it’s worth some bugs.



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Ser. Bigboote-Wiggums

Just waiting for the inevitable gallery full of Nick Cage's various emotive faces.