We Convinced Felicia Day And Freddie Wong To Interview Each Other

Internet sensations. Gamers. Co-hosts of tonight's D.I.C.E. video game awards. And now... Felicia Day and Freddie Wong are also Kotaku interviewers. One time only! They interviewed each other for Kotaku today. About games. About life. And just a bit about taking baths and what to do with nasty Internet comments. »2/06/14 3:30pm2/06/14 3:30pm


There's Keyboard and Mouse, There's Dual Analogs—and Then There's This

Freddie Wong is one of our generation's finest war satirists, showing the idiocy of human conflict if everyone fought the way they did in video games. So when mobile gamepad maker MOGA wanted to commission a film showing how shit-tacular touch-screen controls are, there was really only one guy to go to. »11/03/13 6:00pm11/03/13 6:00pm

Grand Theft Auto Would Be Much More Exciting if the Carjacking Victims Sought Revenge

Every day millions of innocent people are ripped violently from their vehicles, left sprawled out on the street as a gruff anti-hero with a twisted sense of right and wrong makes off with their ride. No more, says internet movie maker Freddie Wong.

In his latest special effects-laden spectacular, Freddie Wong »3/06/12 12:01pm3/06/12 12:01pm