Amazon Fire TV Controller: Solid, Not Special

Here's a close-up look at the Fire TV's optional controller, which you can buy separately from Amazon's mini-console for $40. It's a lot like an Xbox 360 controller, with some extra media buttons and a significantly worse d-pad. You pretty much need it to play all those games on the Fire TV, and it comes with 1,000… » 4/03/14 5:15pm 4/03/14 5:15pm

Match Heads Igniting at 4,000 FPS Look Like Dying Alien Worlds

It's usually over in an instant, but when you capture macro footage of a match head igniting at 4,000 frames per second, suddenly that almost instantaneous event becomes a fascinating look into the science of fire and ignition. And believe it or not, YouTuber UltraSlo had to throw an additional 2,000 watts of light on… » 1/21/14 12:48am 1/21/14 12:48am

Real Racing Wheels Out Some Damn Nice Visuals for an iPad Racing Game

I'm not sure how she handles, but Real Racing 3, sure looked fast today at Electronic Arts' summer showcase. The game is the sequel in the cutting edge racer from Fire Monkey, the joint operation of Firemint (creators of Real Racing, as well as iOS hit Flight Control) and EA's in-house studio Iron Monkey. » 8/02/12 7:40pm 8/02/12 7:40pm

Overheated Xbox Blamed for Burning Down Home

Michigan firefighters are blaming an overheating Xbox and spiral notebook for a house fire in Clio last month. Firefighters say the console was left on for as long as four days with a notebook possible blocking its air vents. The original Xbox also still had the power cord which was recalled by Microsoft in 2003. The… » 9/06/08 11:00am 9/06/08 11:00am