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Dubstep Visualized With Fire Is A Great Way To Burn Your Eyebrows Off

Ever think to yourself, man, being mesmerized by a digital music visualizer is just too safe? Fixing that problem is easy: just add fire. Also, science.

Okay, speaking seriously, this fire visualizer made by the folks at Hard Science is really cool. You can watch them make it (and then test it) in the video, and you can even build one yourself, if you'd like. Just make sure to use lots of propane and get really close to the flames for added excitement if you build one. (Don't actually do that.)


Visualizing Dubstep with a Tube of Fire [Hard Science]

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This video oozes insincerity. They couldn't just be normal people with a gun to their heads. Everything is delivered like a line from a terrible sitcom. Every ad-lib stolen from said terrible sitcom.