Japan Earthquake Sends Erotic Game Maker on Hiatus

When March 11's earthquake shook North-eastern Japan, lives were lost and destroyed. Less importantly, video games ended up delayed and canceled. As the country continues to pull itself from the wreckage, one adult game company is stating that for the time being it cannot go on. » 5/11/11 5:00am 5/11/11 5:00am

You Too Can 'Date' The President In 2011

Adult dating sim My Girlfriend Is The President, the loli-political erotic adventure that piqued our curiosity last year, is getting an official release in English, so non-Japanese speakers can see what it's like to "date" schoolgirls-of-state and alien ships. » 12/28/10 4:40pm 12/28/10 4:40pm

Sex Club Game Has Japanese Players By The Balls

Japanese entertainment company DMM.com offers a whole host of services, like PS3-based movie rental. But what it's mostly known for is pornography, whether it's selling adult movie downloads for the PSP or just selling straight-up adult movie downloads. » 12/08/10 6:00am 12/08/10 6:00am