And it takes a braver one to walk up to it and buy something.

Note: Some readers might find the content of this article objectionable.

Japanese store Game Shop Seagull Izumi Bypass shop is somewhat infamous for its in-store promotions. Below is a recent in-store display for adults-only PC game Happy Maher Fragmentation Dream.

Yikes! That's...some counter. It's not uncommon for game shops, especially ones that trade in adult PC games, to go all out for in store displays. Game Shop Seagull certainly doesn't hold back

And courtesy of Insidears, who calls the shop's register "way too risky," here are some pics of past displays at Game Shop Seagull:



とあるゲームショップのレジがヤバすぎるwwwwwwww [Insidears]

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