Love Gal is an upcoming Japanese adult computer game that, according to its tagline, isn't an anime or a doll. "It's a true, real-time 3D game!" So why have a doll promote it, then?

Warning: Gallery has NSFW imagery.

Don't think too deeply about that. This is the display at the Akihabara Sofmap, and Japanese adult game display games are often attention grabbing.

According to website Moeyo, that's a Unison Super Doll promoting Love Gal.

Love Doll will be out Feb. 24 in Japan. It's from erotic game maker Illusion, the folks behind the NSFW Real Kanojo.


イリュージョンの美少女ゲーム「ラブガール」 ソフマAM館に等身大ドールを展示 [Moeyo]