Analyst Pegs Team Fortress 2 Hat Economy at $50 Million

Done with that Zynga story? Thought that was all the economics you were getting today? Nope. While he's not recommending investor action, writer Paul Manwaring did some number crunching and conservatively valued Team Fortress 2's unique items economy at, oh, about $50 million. » 12/17/11 3:00pm 12/17/11 3:00pm

Giant Online Revenue Falls, Still Rockin' the Chinese Market

Despite declining stock value, Giant Interactive — the company behind the intriguing MMO Zhengtu Online » 11/22/08 1:30pm 11/22/08 1:30pm, which is a mix of MMO, gambling, real money transactions, and gold farming — is still tearing up the Chinese market. Steve of PlayNoEvil has some interesting analysis up of some recent numbers, which have indicated …

Video Games Equal Comfort In Troubled Economic TImes

Are video games the movies of our current economic slump? In an article wittily titled, "In Tough Economic Times, Video Games Console", NPR writer Laura Sydell explores the similarities between the growing popularity of video games in mainstream culture with the movie boom that occurred during The Great Depression in the … » 9/24/08 11:20am 9/24/08 11:20am

Armature Founders on the 'Unsustainable' Business Model

As we mentioned earlier this week, three former members of Retro Studios ( Metroid Prime » 9/21/08 1:30pm 9/21/08 1:30pm) have and created Armature Studio. Mark Pacini, Todd Keller and Jack Mathews, three key development figures behind the franchise, chatted with Gamasutra about their reasons for creating a new studio, as well as the problems they…

Challenges Versus 'Learn By Death' Frustrations

A few people have written on the 'softer, kinder' ethic found in games these days — more and more games seem to be offering less challenging/frustrating mechanics so that players can actually complete them. I think a lot of this discussion does center around different play styles — after a long day of banging my head… » 8/30/08 5:00pm 8/30/08 5:00pm