Bayonetta PS3 Outsells Bayonetta 360 — No Surprise There

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Unofficial day-one sales are in for Bayonetta and boy does Japan love its PlayStation 3s. Ninety-three thousand copies sold for Sony's home console compared to the 45,000 sold on Xbox 360.

But that's nothing new for the market. Compare Bayonetta's sales to these other games to see just how much day-one sales favor PS3 over 360 in Japan:

Devil May Cry 4
28,000 (17 percent of sales) on 360 / 140,000 (83 percent of sales) on PS3
Soul Calibur IV
35,000 (38 percent of sales) on 360 / 57,000 (62 percent of sales) on PS3
Street Fighter IV
28,000 (33 percent of sales) on 360 / 58,000 (67 percent of sales) on PS3


See the pattern? I know I do, and I'm bad at economics.

Rock on for not being the nail that sticks up, Bayonetta!

PS3・Xbox360「BAYONETTA」好調な滑り出し、映画「THIS IS IT」紹介、他 [Ameblo]

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This article title is a xenophobic attack against the Japanese people. The implied meaning is that despite the Xbox 360 version being the better reviewed version, the Japanese didn't go for it through some sense of petty Anti-Americanism. Yes Bayonetta sold more on PlayStation 3 in Japan, but that's because it has a larger user base. But then FIFA Football sells more in Europe on PS3 then the 360 because the PS3 has a bigger user base. COD: Modern Warfare 2 will sell more in the USA then on the PS3, because it has the larger user base there.

And before you say I'm reading too much into the piece, articles do not exist in a vacuum, they are built on the foundations of other articles on the subject, and in this case the other articles on Kotaku that have been proudly celebrating the 360 version (nothing wrong with that), but the 'no surprise there' smacks of a nation still boasting about the Hiroshima bomb. Let's all step back from the hate. #bayonetta