GameStop Makes $1.69 Billion, Names Quarter's Best Sellers

The GameStop corporation happily announced today that its earnings had shot up 5.2% for the quarter ending November 1, with over $1.69 billion in sales. During that quarter GameStop opened 191 new stores, 94 in the United States and 97 internationally. It also snatched up French games retailer Micromania, expanding… » 11/20/08 10:00pm 11/20/08 10:00pm

Ubisoft Re-Releasing Beyond Good & Evil?

Beyond Good & Evil was great, yet largely ignored. There's a sequel coming, but since the first one was - yes - largely ignored, Ubisoft might have an uphill struggle on their hands convincing millions of people that this game is a good idea. So this strategy, while still unconfirmed, certainly makes a lot of sense. A… » 9/17/08 2:00am 9/17/08 2:00am