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When You Can't Find A Video Game Box, Make Your Own

Illustration for article titled When You Cant Find A Video Game Box, Make Your Own

Video game retailer GameStop lets you trade in games for cash. You don't have to bring in the original packaging. So sometimes, when trying to re-sell those used games, GameStop will stick them in those generic, blank cases that look terribly ugly on your living room shelf.


But sometimes friendly employees make their own versions. This Dragon Age: Origins box, found in an EB Games over in Canada, was sent to Kotaku this morning. Almost as good as the original. Almost.

(Thanks, Brandon.)

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Is there some place to print out custom game covers? I've got a couple games—Metroid Prime and Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise, that could use some covers.

I know GAF had an "alternative covers" thread, which was fucking amazing.