If You're Into Endless Running, Might As Well Be Running With Friends

With its growing focus on mobile gaming and its penchant for trying to out-popular already popular games, Zynga was going to get around to stepping on Temple Run's toes eventually, and what better way than to combine the joy of endless running with the trusted ...With Friends brand? The result is a combination I'm… »5/13/13 11:30am5/13/13 11:30am


Homefront Vs. The Canceled Heartland, A Tale Of Two U.S. Invasions

The co-creator of Twisted Metal, David Jaffe, wanted to make a game about the Chinese military invading the United States once upon a time. Heartland for the PSP would have been "a very liberal response to the Bush administration and the Iraq War," Jaffe has said, a first-person shooter that evoked intense emotion. »4/18/11 4:30pm4/18/11 4:30pm

Twisted Metal Hands-on, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love 'Nuke' Mode

David Jaffe, co-creator of the 16-year-old Twisted Metal series, has an entertaining way of describing the things about his new game, a new Twisted Metal for the PlayStation 3. One was his description of the game's new Juggernaut vehicle, a semi-truck that can load teammates into its armored bed "Spy Hunter or Knight… »4/14/11 1:40pm4/14/11 1:40pm