See The All-New Twisted Metal In All-New Gameplay

Want to see what the new Twisted Metal looks like? Would more than six minutes of gameplay from the PlayStation 3 game do the trick? Well, here you go, plenty of time to ogle the all-new Twisted Metal.


This newly released gameplay footage—with some Twisted Metal 2 music added by me for nostalgia purposes—shows off what the new Juggernaut truck is capable of, then leads into extended gameplay from the game's new Black Rock Stadium level. You'll see the Talon helicopter in action, get the lay of the land and eyeball some of the game's new features, like the ability to lasso in audience members then run them over for health and power-ups.

If you didn't get a chance to read our hands-on preview of Twisted Metal, complete with helpful David Jaffe quotes, you can correct that oversight right here.


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looks a little bit meh. the game should be on the ps2