Dev Explains Twisted Metal Reboot's Mechs, Stories and Lack of Kratos

Twisted Metal developer David Jaffe took a bit of time during last week's E3 to talk about the finer points of his car wars reboot.

There's a lot of interesting details in this nearly 9-minute-long video including Jaffe's explanation of why the game has a mech, why he doesn't think Kratos would be a good fit for Twisted Metal and how they balanced the game's driving physics.

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Realism in vehicle combat today is the one thing we don't have (to my knowledge). I don't think on todays system that their is any legit game out there like that. That's exactly a niche that needs filled. So hopefully Mr.Jaffe will bring it about. Or hell I don't care as long as someone brings out a nice slick vehicle combat game.

By realism, I'm not saying... oh make the physics of the game match the worlds physics... in take off, turning and all that stuff. I mean in the details of the car, IE.. get shot at, panels of steel fly off, you see bullet holes in your vehicle, scrapes, and stuff like that and the environment your in. Something of that nature.