Hey, Look, It's Don Mattrick on a Canadian Game Show 30 Years Ago

Don Mattrick has, reportedly, 50 million reasons to smile this week, ditching Microsoft and all things Xbox for Zynga and the leadership of all things 'Ville. But you can see traces of that big money smile going back 30 years, when he appeared on a newsmakers-style quiz show on CBC. » 7/06/13 1:00pm 7/06/13 1:00pm

Internal Memo Addresses Madden Losses, Lays Out EA Sports' Expansion…

In an internal memo obtained by IGN, a senior EA Sports executive says the label will soon open a third studio in Texas, and addresses the departures of key developers from its flagship Madden NFL product. » 6/29/11 6:00pm 6/29/11 6:00pm

How a Hockey Journeyman Became One of Video Games' Early Superstars

Bo Jackson. Jeremy Roenick. Even casual players know what those two mean to games like Tecmo Bowl and NHL '94. But Cliff Ronning? Old-school sports game cognoscenti remember he was NHL 93's fastest player, with an overall rating well north of what you'd expect for a 25-goal scorer. » 6/01/11 6:00pm 6/01/11 6:00pm

I'm In Awe of FIFA 12's Precision Dribbling

Our dive into all things FIFA 12 last week at Electronic Arts started out with a blistering critique of everything wrong with FIFA 11 by one of the people involved in both games. » 5/30/11 11:00am 5/30/11 11:00am

EA Sports On NBA Elite: "It Was Just Going To Be A Bad Game"

With NBA Jam on shelves and earning praise (deservedly), EA Sports is being a little more candid about NBA Elite, the canceled title and Jam's original dancing partner. » 11/21/10 2:00pm 11/21/10 2:00pm

Annual EA Layoffs Hit NBA, Skate Teams Hardest, Sources Say

EA has issued its latest round off layoffs today, describing them as "season roll-offs," which sounds much more pleasant. According to sources claiming knowledge of the situation, EA Canada, developer of Skate and NBA Elite, bore the brunt of those cuts. » 10/27/10 8:30pm 10/27/10 8:30pm

Rumor: Need For Speed PSP, EA Canada Staffers Axed

Another batch of Vancouver area game developers are looking for work, as sources tell us that EA Canada's Burnaby location was the latest to be hit by Electronic Arts' ongoing layoffs. » 1/29/09 9:40pm 1/29/09 9:40pm

Rumor: EA Canada GM's Leaked Memo to Surviving Staff

Earlier today we broke the news that Electronic Arts Canada laid off more than half of the staff from Black Box, the day after the studio launched their latest game: Skate 2. » 1/22/09 6:20pm 1/22/09 6:20pm

Update: EA Lays Offs Hit Black Box Today

Electronic Arts today laid off as many as 150 to 200 people today as part of the company's ongoing cut backs announced back in December, sources tell Kotaku. » 1/22/09 3:00pm 1/22/09 3:00pm

Update: Electronic Arts Holding Black Box Meeting Today

Electronic Arts is holding a Town Hall meeting today at EA Canada to discuss the industry and perhaps detail more layoff news at the publisher's studio there, according to memos obtained by Kotaku. » 1/22/09 12:00pm 1/22/09 12:00pm

Show Your Photo Game Face in Facebreaker

Being able to upload someones face on a character in Rainbow Six: Vegas was disturbingly satisfying. In this video we take a look at EA Canada's similar facial recognition feature, Photo Game Face. Watch how Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt (MTV's The Hills) kick the living crap out of each other. The game will be out… » 8/28/08 6:40pm 8/28/08 6:40pm