A Game That Lets You Navigate Your Character's Wildest Dreams

Video games are perfect for exploring our dreams, aren't they? After all, games are already awfully dream-like—a new, stranger reality with different rules than our own, which we explore for a time before waking. » 8/09/13 7:00pm 8/09/13 7:00pm

What's Your Dream E3 2012 Announcement?

With the kickoff of E3 2012 less than a week away, commenter (and E3 attendee) GiantBoyDetective wants to know what single announcement would make the entire show worth your while in today's Speak Up on Kotaku. Also he pees. » 5/30/12 5:30pm 5/30/12 5:30pm

Let's Imagine the Ultimate Video Game Arcade

As video game arcades across the country blink out like lights on an artificial discount store Christmas tree, commenter Blessrok asks us to imagine the arcade of our dreams in today's short but sweet Speak Up on Kotaku. » 8/23/11 11:20am 8/23/11 11:20am

Let's Play The Dream Video Game Sequel List Game

It's Monday morning, and Speak-Up on Kotaku is feeling a little playful, so we're going to play commenter Wocalax's little dream video game sequel game. » 4/25/11 11:40am 4/25/11 11:40am

A Trip Through Pokémon Black And White's Online Dream World

With the Pokémon Global Link service, Pokémon Black and White players can sync their game data with their PC and enter a magical world that exists in the dreams of pocket monsters. Join me on my first trip to this Pokémon Dream World. » 4/22/11 3:20pm 4/22/11 3:20pm