It's Canon: Alistair Became King in Dragon Age: Origins

At NYCC last weekend, BioWare was in attendance talking about the upcoming Dragon Age comic series, which will follow Alistair, Isabella, and Varric as they perform some sleuthing into Alistair's past. Well then, that's three of my favorite characters doing stuff that certainly sounds fun. I'd love to see how virginal… »10/17/11 6:40pm10/17/11 6:40pm

Yes, Really, The New Dragon Age Facebook Game Is Worth Playing

There are so many games on Facebook, and so few worth playing. But there's a new one based on the acclaimed Dragon Age universe. And it's made by a team led by EA2D's Mark Spenner and Soren Johnson, a guy who made a mighty fine version of Civilization (and is pretty good at solving the math problem of God). »2/28/11 12:00pm2/28/11 12:00pm