The Economy of Happiness: What's a Game Worth to You?

After his recent chat with game pirates » 8/24/08 2:30pm 8/24/08 2:30pm, independent developer Cliff Harris of Positech Games muses on pricing structure of games, as 'cost' was listed as a major reason for piracy. As he points out, plenty of other products have a wide continuum that ranges from 'economy' to 'deluxe'; games can often be divided into…

'Going Rogue': Leaving the Mainstream Behind

The Escapist has an interesting article up on mainstream industry types who went indie — it delves into the reasoning behind a move, as well as the challenges and the positive aspects of moving from big studios to independent development. People making the transition have had to unlearn 'mainstream' habits or pick up… » 8/09/08 4:30pm 8/09/08 4:30pm