The Most Popular Pokémon of All Time Goes Black and White Next Month

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Pikachu is cute and all, but when it comes to battling Pokémon it doesn't get much better than Mewtwo. Players of Pokémon Black and White can witness this power first-hand starting February 12.


Starting February 12 Pokémon Black and White players with access to a wireless connection will be able to download Mewtwo for a limited time, adding the psychic powerhouse to their pocket monster arsenal (as long as they have less than 11 Wonder Cards in their possession.

The special distribution event coincides with the debut of the Mewtwo-EX card in the Pokémon TCG: Black & White-Next Destinies expansion, due out February 8. The expansion features powerful Pokémon from Unova and beyond, including Reshiram-EX, Zekrom-EX, Kyurem-EX, and Regigigas-EX.


Fans that can't get enough of Mewtwo can also hit up the Pokemon website to watch The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon, a television special featuring Mewtwo, Mew, and some mad science.

That all adds up to more Mewtwo than you can shake a stick at, mainly because he'd melt your mind before you even grabbed the stick.

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Manly McBeeferton

You know, I really dislike event Pokemon. Especially like these where there's no real effort to get one, but if you don't have a WiFi connection or if you don't own the game yet, you're shit out of luck and have to pray that next year when you're more prepared they'll have the event again. What's the point?

I mean, at least it makes sense when the event is tied with a movie or going to an IRL event, and the Pokemon you get feels more special because of it.

But oh, well, I'm just whining. Mewtwo rocks, but Mew is adorable.