io9 'Shop Contest: Dreadnoughtus Edition

Dreadnoughtus is a newly discovered genus of supermassive titanosaurian dinosaur. At 65 tons, it possesses the largest reliably calculable mass of any known land animal. This dinosaur was clearly a badass (a status attested by its very name); but that got us thinking: What would make it even MORE badass? » 9/07/14 4:55pm 9/07/14 4:55pm

Teaser Poster for Jurassic World Has Dystopian Flair

I'm liking the look of this Jurassic World poster, released today at Comic-Con, despite my extreme prejudice against scientifically inaccurate dinosaurs that have no feathers. Nice to see the dinosaur hanging out in the garbage near a city construction site. Urban raptors are the next logical step. » 7/24/14 5:40am 7/24/14 5:40am