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The Cupcakeceratops And Other Delicious Dinosaur Mash-Ups

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Snacktaku is always on the lookout for new things to eat, but we also accept new ways to eat old things. Spanish artist Alejo Malia's mouthwatering Jurassic Sweet series fits the bill quite nicely. Any couple hundred people want to split a Donutsaurus Rex?

One of the most difficult questions posed to dinosaur-studying scientists (dinologists is not the correct term but it sounds cool) since the first massive bones were unearthed is "How would humans go about eating one of these?" Do we start from the tail? How many burgers is one t-rex? How do we toss legs that large in lemon pepper sauce?


Alejo's creations put those questions neatly to bed. In the case of the Donutsaurus Rex, for example, we'd eat the legs and underbelly first, so the final bites have a lower cake-to-frosting (CTF) ratio.


In the case of the Muffinodon we take a similar approach, but instead of eating the legs we discard them completely. The top bit is where the flavor is.

Of course not every Jurassic Sweet meal plan is as clear cut. In the case of the Cookieraptor, I'd suggest eating the head first, so it's no longer starting at you with those creepy yellow slit eyes as you devour its chocolate chip body. Or maybe just discard the head, as now I'm imagining the creature's own saliva melting through its lower jaw.


And suddenly I'm not so hungry anymore. Odd. If you're still feeling peckish, hit up the link below for a few more tasty terrible lizard creations.

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