Dennis Hopper Sounded Like Fun On the Mario Movie Set

As we know, 1993's Super Mario Bros. movie went through a few different scripts (and entire concepts) before it hit the silver screen. » 8/09/11 4:30am 8/09/11 4:30am

Mario Creator Was Influenced By Easy Rider

Ah, Easy Rider. The film that depicted the rambling adventures of motorbike drug dealers through the American South, Southwest and West. The film's production and film itself were heavily laced with marijuana and LSD. » 3/29/10 6:00am 3/29/10 6:00am

Dennis Hopper Has Cancer

The actor who voiced Steve Scott in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and played King Koopa in that ill-conceived Super Mario Bros. movie has prostate cancer, the Associated Press reports. » 10/30/09 5:30am 10/30/09 5:30am

Harold Ramis "Glad" He Turned Down Super Mario Bros. Movie

With classic comedies like Caddyshack, Groundhog Day and Analyze This, Harold Ramis has an impressive film director resume — which was almost tarnished by that disastrous Super Mario Bros. flick. » 6/17/09 11:00pm 6/17/09 11:00pm

Denis Hopper Says Gamers Will Love Deadly Creatures

Revealed just yesterday » 12/09/08 11:40am 12/09/08 11:40am as one of the voices behind the human co-stars in THQ's Deadly Creatures, veteran unhinged actor Dennis Hopper shares his opinion of the game in this behind-the-scenes video.

Billy Bob Thornton And Dennis Hopper Voice...Deadly Creatures?

Deadly Creatures makes the predatory leap from interesting to extremely interesting as THQ announces quirky Hollywood talents Billy Bob Thornton and Dennis Hopper as voice talent for the nature documentary turned video game. » 12/08/08 10:20am 12/08/08 10:20am

Why The Hell Dennis Hopper Did That Mario Movie

Calling the 1993 Super Mario Bros. » 11/07/08 6:00am 11/07/08 6:00am movie "utter tripe crap" is being polite. It's much worse than that. Actor Bob Hoskins, who played Mario, has called the movie "the worst" thing he did. Academy Award winner Dennis Hopper, no stranger to utter tripe crap himself, wasn't too pleased with the flick and explained why he…