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Dennis Hopper Dead At 74

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Generations of movie-goers will remember Dennis Hopper as the rebel biker Billy from 1969's Easy Rider, but we'll always remember the late actor as King Koopa.


While his video game contributions were few and far between, Dennis Hopper's influence on the video game industry is a profound one. Along with direct contributions as a voice in Deadly Creatures, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Black Dahlia and his unforgettable (unfortunately) performance as King Koopa in the live-action Super Mario Bros., Hopper's work directing and co-writing Easy Rider has been cited as an inspiration by Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto.


In October of last year we reported that the actor had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. He died from the disease this morning in his Venice, California home.

A sad loss, but a prolific life like Hopper's should be celebrated, not mourned. The man was 74-years-old with four children, the youngest of which turned seven in March, and his acting career flourished in his later years, with regular roles in television and film. He had a pretty great run.

Illustration for article titled Dennis Hopper Dead At 74

Easy Rider's Dennis Hopper dies at age 74 [CNN]

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uh-oh. of course, we all know these things happen in threes.

So, first Gary Coleman Dies, now Dennis Hopper. Who's next??