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Dennis Hopper Has Cancer

Illustration for article titled Dennis Hopper Has Cancer

The actor who voiced Steve Scott in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and played King Koopa in that ill-conceived Super Mario Bros. movie has prostate cancer, the Associated Press reports.


Hopper, now 73, is being treated at the University of Southern California. His manager says the actor is canceling all travel plans to focus on getting better.

Hopper also voiced a couple of other video game characters in games I've never heard of, like Walter Pensky in something called Black Dahlia. Bad video games or not, though, the cancer diagnosis is a real bummer. Especially since I happen to like the Super Mario Bros. movie — and Waterworld, but I'll deny that if you confront me about it in public.


And as a side note, remember that October is National Breast Cancer month. For those of you tempted not to care, 2,000 MEN are expected to be diagnosed with it this year. Scary, huh?

Dennis Hopper has prostate cancer [The Hollywood Reporter]
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Dennis Hopper is actually a really entertaining guy. I love his villains. Especially the nut case he did in Speed!

And, yeah, as ridiculous a movie as Waterworld was, I loved his villain in that movie, too.

Seriously, watch the video! HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THIS MAN? #grandtheftautovicecity