Lego's Amazing New HQ Is Finally Underway (And You Can Build Your Own)

Lego maniacs have another pilgrimage destination to add to their list: The brand's new "experience center" broke ground in Billund, Denmark yesterday. As you'd expect, the building itself looks like it's constructed from a pile of Lego bricks. And thanks to a new Lego Architecture kit, you can start building your own… » 8/20/14 4:50pm 8/20/14 4:50pm

Role-Playing Not As A Warrior, But As A...Guy In A Suit Doing Cocaine

When you think of LARP, or Live-Action Roly-Playing, you probably think of people in armour running around a field hitting each other with foam swords. But not everyone LARPS that way. Some people take the basic concept and run very far away with it, to the point where they're basically LARPing as...Mad Men. » 10/18/13 2:00am 10/18/13 2:00am

LEGO Would Never Make Something This Violent

Danish (of course) designer Jonathan Trier has an idea. He wants to see a LEGO series with a more mature slant. A more Danish slant. And so we get...LEGO Hitman. » 9/26/13 2:00am 9/26/13 2:00am

Someone Put an Assassin's Creed Screengrab In a TV Report on Syria

Ah, the dangers of Google image search. On Feb. 26, Denmark's TV2 needed an over-the-shoulder shot for a report on the conflict in Syria, and some production assistant gave the control room a screengrab from the original Assassin's Creed (which features Damascus prominently) Apparently it's this one, from the game's… » 3/10/13 8:30pm 3/10/13 8:30pm

A Game About A Dude Who Sleepwalks Looks A Lot Cooler Than It Sounds

Bob sleepwalks. It's a hazard, both in the real world and his dreamworld, so it's lucky he has his subconscious—Subob—there to help. And you to control Subob. » 2/27/13 3:00am 2/27/13 3:00am

The Amazing Hair Salon That Doubles as a Retro Game Store

Bobby Ågren runs a store in Copenhagen, Denmark called Ruben & Bobby. It's a hair salon. Oh, and it also sells old video game systems, old video games and old toys. Making it a hair salon/game store/cultural museum. » 4/24/12 12:00am 4/24/12 12:00am

Danes Won't Get EA Sports MMA Thanks To Energy Drink Ban

Denmark bans energy drinks, I guess because they provide gratuitous amounts of energy or something. What's that got to do with video games? Well, EA Sports MMA is shot through with energy drink ads. » 8/28/10 2:00pm 8/28/10 2:00pm

Danish Group Asks You To "Hit The Bitch"

Denmark's Children Exposed to Violence at Home is a group dedicated towards the prevention of domestic violence. It's a noble cause! Pity their latest "ad" - a flash game involving woman-slapping - lacks the same nobility. » 11/20/09 5:00am 11/20/09 5:00am

PSPgo Costs as Much as a PS3 in Denmark

Either Sony's gotta cut its price or the Danish kroner's gotta get a lot weaker against the dollar for the PSPgo's sake. It's listed at 2,000 DKK - or $396 US, one reason retailers there aren't stocking the thing. » 9/24/09 12:40pm 9/24/09 12:40pm

Great Dane Gaming Mobilizes SWAT Team

We've heard of this in the States before, but if you game super loud in Denmark, especially in shooters with loud bang-bang noises, someone might sic a police strike force on you too. » 1/11/09 3:00pm 1/11/09 3:00pm