Extent Of Dead Rising Wii's Waggle Explained

We know, Dead Rising on Wii looks different, but it's going to play different too. It's got waggle! And not just any waggle: Capcom are bringing Resident Evil 4's waggle to 2006's zombie mall simulator. Gun combat will work exactly the same, with pointing of the Wii Remote for aiming and a shake of the nunchuk for a… » 8/11/08 7:30am 8/11/08 7:30am

New Dead Rising Screens: Added Waggle, No Added Zombies

Famitsu have uploaded a set of new screenshots for Dead Rising: Chop Til You Drop for the Wii. Here's what you should expect: helpful in-action shots displaying how the game's waggle controls will work for stuff like combat. You should also expect to see the Res 4-style shooting mechanic in action. Here's what you … » 8/08/08 12:30am 8/08/08 12:30am