You Can Dress As Bionic Commando, But Not Swing Like Him

We previously brought word that Dead Rising: Chop 'Til You Drop featured two new costumes for the Wii: Bionic Commando and bikini Frank West. Here's something you should know about the Bionic Commando outfit:


The BC outfit, modeled after character Nathan Spencer, does not allow Wii Dead Rising players to grapple. That's right, it may look like you have a bionic arm, but that's just it: It only looks like it. Frank West's hand is clearly sticking out, and there's no swingy action in Dead Rising on the Wii!

With the way the game skimps on zombies, just be happy Capcom gave bikini Frank West a bulge.

新たなる敵、新コスチュームの存在を確認! 『デッドライジング ゾンビのいけにえ』 [Famitsu]

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