That's the Isabella in the original Xbox 360 version of Dead Rising — the one we know and love. The Isabella in the upcoming Wii version looks different. Want to see? Drumroll please...

There you go, Dead Rising: Chop 'Til You Drop Isabella. Now, there's nothing wrong with having four (or five chins). Orson Welles had multiple chins. There is something wrong with Isabella having four (or five) chins as we don't remember her having that many the last time we saw her.

We are actually curious who is picking these Dead Rising Wii screens. They're not doing much to help our impression of the game! It's like Capcom is trying to sabotage the game or something — or maybe Capcom is just releasing junky screens to see if people still buy the game. We hope so. That would be funny.


Update: Capcom contacted to let us know that the animations in both games are the same captures, just like for Resident Evil 4. According to Capcom, these were not redone for the Wii version as it would be costly. So that ugly Wii image above also exists in the Xbox 360 — it's a bad capture. You can watch it here. Why this particular image was selected for the Wii version, however, still baffles.

カプコン、Wii「デッドライジング ゾンビのいけにえ」物語の中核となるサンタ・カベザを知る2人を公開 [Game Watch Impress] [Pic]