Wait, That's Not a Zynga Game at the Top of the Facebook Charts

Since I started covering the social gaming scene for Kotaku I've been regularly checking the numbers over at AppStats to see which Zynga games were topping the charts on any given day. You can imagine my surprise when the name on top of today's daily active users chart had next to it. Way to go, Candy Crush… »1/15/13 4:55pm1/15/13 4:55pm

Facebook Gainers: How the Heck Does Bubble Safari Ocean Score 23 Million Players?

I often pick on Zynga's social games; that's what comes of being the biggest fish clumsily flopping through the pond. I poke at the company's financial troubles, bemoaning game closings. I've been known to revel mildly when their more popular games lose players to the underdogs (every other Facebook game developer).… »1/08/13 9:55am1/08/13 9:55am

This Week's Facebook Losers and Winners: Zynga Only Dominates One of These Charts

For the past couple of months I've been taking time every Monday morning to report on the top ten Facebook games by daily active users. That list has barely budged in four week. Here's a better pair of lists — the top fan gainers and losers of the week, featuring a chart that's almost entirely Zynga! »11/12/12 8:55am11/12/12 8:55am