Darksiders III Sounded Great. Pity It'll Never Happen.

The Darksiders series isn't really dead. Nordic games owns it, and will presumably do something with it. But the series as we knew it, developed by Vigil Games, may as well have died earlier this year when Vigil went off and joined Crytek and left Darksiders behind, where no major publisher on Earth wanted anything… » 5/31/13 12:00am 5/31/13 12:00am

Darksiders Gets Bought By…Nordic Games? THQ's Other Games Sold Off Too

The auctions following the closure of former publisher THQ are over. Homeworld, for example, was bought by Gearbox Software—as we learned earlier today. That's not all, of course. Nordic Games, the publisher behind games like Alan Wake on PC and Painkiller: Resurrection, nabbed a good number of THQ games. » 4/22/13 6:42pm 4/22/13 6:42pm

Darksiders' Creators Want To Buy The Series Back

David Adams, the CEO of Crytek USA, has tweeted that he (or at least his company) is looking into buying the rights to the Darksiders series when it hits the auction block as part of the last sale of THQ properties. » 3/28/13 9:00pm 3/28/13 9:00pm

The Moneysaver: Snag Darksiders and Red Faction for $1

The THQ/Humble fire sale is back as part of Humble's new weekly deal. If you missed it last time, you can grab Red Faction: Armageddon and the first Darksiders for $1 right now. Bump your contribution to $6.77 or more to nab Red Faction: Guerrilla and Darksiders 2, which were not included in the previous bundle. [… » 3/27/13 2:15pm 3/27/13 2:15pm

THQ Selling Off Darksiders, Homeworld, Red Faction And Anything Else Of…

After the big auction for its top-shelf intellectual property and game studios last month, the bones of former publishing giant THQ have announced that the company's remaining franchises are now to be sold as part of a "court-approved sales process." » 2/26/13 7:52pm 2/26/13 7:52pm

The Most Notable Vampires In Video Games

Surprisingly, blood suckers aren't as common in video games as you might expect. They might appear as a generic type of enemy, and of course there are a few of them in the Castlevania series. We collected some of these vampires, paying attention to leave out those who like to carry people on their backs. » 1/28/13 8:00pm 1/28/13 8:00pm

The Makers of Bayonetta Would Love to Buy The Suddenly-Endangered …

One of the sad and somewhat odd outcomes of today's big auction of top games and studios from game publisher THQ is that no one—not EA, not Activision, not Take Two, not Bethesda, not Ubisoft... no one—made a bid for the action-game series Darksiders and Vigil, the studio that made those games. » 1/23/13 7:50pm 1/23/13 7:50pm

Darksiders, WWE Still Looking for New Homes After THQ Sell-Off

News has broken out about the sale of THQ's assets and it looks like many of the defunct publisher's signature franchises have been acquired. But, surprisingly, some seemingly bankable properties haven't been snatched up. » 1/23/13 5:00pm 1/23/13 5:00pm

Do You Want To Own The Saints Row Series? Or Just Buy Red Faction? Bids…

THQ, the troubled publisher of Saints Row, WWE games, Company of Heroes, Metro: Last Light, the new South Park role-playing game, Red Faction and more, may still be sold in its entirety to an investment group called Clearlake as part of a bankruptcy sale, according to a court ruling. » 1/08/13 8:32am 1/08/13 8:32am

So, How Well Does Darksiders II On Wii U Actually Run?

Let's say you don't yet own Darksiders II, do own a Wii U, and are considering picking the game up for your new console. How's it shape up against the versions that have been out on the market on competing platforms for a few months now? » 12/10/12 2:30am 12/10/12 2:30am

THQ Is So Broke, They've Made A Humble Bundle

Ahh, Humble Bundle, the best site in the world for great packages of indie games and- wait, what's this? Saints Row? Darksiders? I see you, THQ! Just peeking in the bushes there, waiting to ensnare us with your new humble bundle. You're not an indie developer at all, THQ! What are you even doing. » 11/29/12 1:30pm 11/29/12 1:30pm

Darksiders II’s Death Sure Loves His Loot

Just when you think you know where this live-action short from Somewhat Awesome Films is going, it, uh, surprises you. Vigil Games added a deeper level of customization to Darksiders II and its central character apparently can't get enough of all the goodies he finds. Except for Resident Evil 6. Can't say I blame… » 10/26/12 9:30am 10/26/12 9:30am

Hooray, Darksiders II's Janky PC Version Is Now Substantially Less Janky

Good news: true to their word, Vigil has issued the first update for the PC version of Darksiders II, addressing a number of problems players have had with that version of the game. Among the fixes: easier key-mapping, in-game crashes, and crucially, the broken v-sync, which resulted in unfixable screen-tearing for… » 8/30/12 11:00am 8/30/12 11:00am

Vigil Promises Fixes For Janky PC Darksiders II In 'The Weeks To Come'

Sad but true: The PC version of Darksiders II is bare-bones and has some serious graphical problems. Non-functional vertical-sync, strange controls, minimal options for graphical tweaking; it's a drag. » 8/23/12 9:30pm 8/23/12 9:30pm

Wondering Just What Darksiders II Is All About? Here's a Video Overview!

We've given you the review, talked about some port problems, and shown you the art. But how does Darksiders II really look? And what's it all about? » 8/17/12 7:00pm 8/17/12 7:00pm