A boy letting go of his kite is a metaphor for life

Sometimes you should fight for what you love and keep on trying to make things work and never stop chasing it down but once that’s over and you’ve reached your limit or realized the expiration date already hit, you should let it go. Life works better that way. And in this short animation, a boy realizes that with his… »7/23/15 4:43pm7/23/15 4:43pm

Oh No, Attack On Titan Shouldn't Be Nearly This Cute

At its heart, Attack On Titan is incredibly unsettling. I mean, it's about giant humanoids eating humans for seemingly no reason whatsoever; of course it's unnerving. So you look at this animation by riseken—which recreates some of the early plot of Attack on Titan—and you're just like, wow, it should be wrong to… »8/30/13 8:30pm8/30/13 8:30pm

One Girl Adorably Voices Nearly Every League of Legends Champion

There's something about the way iluWinter mimics League of Legends champions here. It's not just that she tries for both the male and female voices—which not all of the compilation videos of this sort do—but that you can tell she's having a lot of fun. Enough fun that you can forgive the voices which don't hit the… »7/18/13 1:00pm7/18/13 1:00pm

A Six-Year Old is Modding Arma II, and He Made This Table

No, this isn't particularly spectacular for a mod, much less one for ArmA II, but it is one made by a six-year-old boy, who was curious why his dad spent so much time in front of the computer. When Myke Henkel told his son he was making things for a video game, son Samael insisted on building something himself. So the… »3/30/13 11:26am3/30/13 11:26am