Tiny GTA V Tricks You Into Thinking Los Santos Is Cute

"Cute" is not normally a word I'd use to describe Grand Theft Auto...unless it has been miniaturized. Then GTA becomes so adorable you could just eat it up.

Check out GTA Series Videos's take on Los Santos—they use something called tilt-shifting to get a really striking effect that miniaturizes GTA V:

Neat, right? You might recall tilt-shift as the primary technique behind the graphics in the latest SimCity, though I'd totally play a GTA in this style, too.


GTA 5 - A World in Miniature [GTA Series Videos]

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Just an aside, this isn't real (virtual?) tilt-shifting, it looks like they just applied a filter that defocuses the top and bottom of the video giving it the aproximate effect of a tilt shift lens.