Ever wanted to go to sleep on fluffy bread? Or curl up in creamy sweets? Now you can—sort of!

Japanese online retailer Felissimo is selling tasty-looking sleeping bags, pillows, and bedding that wouldn't look out of place in a bakery.

There is "Cream Pocket Bread."


And "Thick Slices of Japanese Cushion Bread," which is served with a red jelly blanket.


Here's a "Goodnight Desert Omlette" with a green tea cream blanket.


This sleeping bag is called (roughly!) "Flop Down in a Chocolate Nap." The original Japanese name has a wonderful pun between "korone" (コロネ), this desert's name in Japanese, and the word "gorone" (ごろ寝), which means, "napping."

The inside is all chocolaty!

Twitter user @chiemitter uploaded a photo of these cute cushions this past Sunday, and that tweet has been retweeted over ten thousand times and favorited nearly six thousand times. Online in Japan, many people are saying they totally want these bread beds. Who can blame them?


Each of these sweet looking bread cushions look dreamy to lounge around in. They're priced at 16,800 yen (US$171) each and are making me hungry. And sleepy.

夢見心地に包まれる  ふんわりビッグパンクッションの会 [Felissimo]

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