Redditor jessmeixing was commissioned by the creators of Royal Guards, a Zelda web series that's currently on IndieGoGo, to paint this piece of concept art of Hyrule Castle from Ocarina of Time. It's pretty darn good, and my crappy GIF really doesn't do it justice, so make sure to check out the original pic below. » 3/27/15 8:30am Friday 8:30am

The Incredible Artistry That Went Into The Hobbit's Endless Battles

Weta's put a huge amount of concept art from The Battle of the Five Armies. The level of detail going into the costumes, weapons, and fight scenes is simply incredible. » 3/09/15 12:47am 3/09/15 12:47am

Lo, The Incredible Artwork of Exodus, Revealed In Before And After Pics

What Exodus may have lacked in script and casting, it made up for in spectacle. The plagues and ancient temples were insane. Behold the magic in these before and after wipes. » 1/26/15 12:41pm 1/26/15 12:41pm

From concept art to 3D map. The project, created by level designer/environment artist Matthias Schmidt, is called "Scifi Reactor Room" and it's based on a piece of concept art by Seneca Menard, an artist who's worked on the Quake and Doom series. Check below for the hi-res shots. » 1/06/15 8:30am 1/06/15 8:30am

Neill Blomkamp's Secret Alien Movie Looks So Good We're Furious

Guess what? Neill Blomkamp was working on a secret Alien project that included Sigourney Weaver reuniting with Corporal Hicks, and the concept art is gorgeous. But now it's dead, or was never going to be made in the first place, and I'm just going to scream "PROMETHEUS" into a pillow all day until I pass out from… » 1/02/15 7:40am 1/02/15 7:40am

This single piece of concept art is all the info we have so far on Harebrained Schemes' next Shadowrun Returns campaign, which is hitting Kickstarter next month. Dragonfall was a huge improvement over the original game/campaign, so it should be interesting to see what they'll come up with next. » 12/24/14 8:00am 12/24/14 8:00am

This Parks and Recreation/Star Trek Mashup Art Is Just Perfect

Neill Cameron's perfectly titled "Parks and Trek" series reimagines the inhabitants of Pawnee as the crew of the Enterprise, circa The Next Generation. If this had been the real crew of the show, Commander Ron Swanson would have ensured that the show didn't have to grow the beard. » 12/10/14 1:30am 12/10/14 1:30am

Assassin's Creed Unity has some very pretty concept art. This GIF was made from a series of three drawings depicting the Café Théâtre, posted by Ubisoft's David Alvarez to the Polycount forum's Unity art dump thread. Check it out to see some more of the textures, models and concepts people have created for the game. » 11/25/14 8:30am 11/25/14 8:30am

Concept Art Reveals the Sleeker Rhino Amazing Spider-Man 2 Could've Had

Amazing Spider-Man 2 introducer Paul Giamatti's Rhino with the promise of seeing him more in Sinister Six/Amazing Spider-Man 2. In that iteration, his armor was a giant one-man-tank thing, put together out of surplus Cold War military gear. But earlier versions of the character, revealed in this concept art by Steffen… » 10/17/14 2:00am 10/17/14 2:00am

Even Deadpool's Not Sure How He Ended Up as a G.I. Joe Figure

That's the thing about Deadpool: he warps the reality of every medium he's translated to. And, in this print from Marco D'Alfonso, neither the Joes nor Deadpool has quite figured out how this crossover makes sense. » 10/16/14 1:30am 10/16/14 1:30am

Alternate Versions Of The Collector's Lair From Guardians Of The Galaxy

One of the most fascinating places we visit in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie is the museum where the Collector keeps all of his goodies. Concept artist Richard Anderson shares some of the different designs he came up with for the movie version of the Collector's museum. » 9/21/14 1:00pm 9/21/14 1:00pm

Let's Hope The Sims 4 Looks This Good Someday

The Sims has always been a beautiful series of video games. Save for the occasional foray into high fantasy, however, it's mostly drawn from modern suburbia for its artistic palette. It doesn't have to be that way, though. » 9/11/14 1:25pm 9/11/14 1:25pm

The Concept Art That Created Guardians of the Galaxy's Cosmic Locations

Guardians of the Galaxy had a number of great points, but one of the things that we all noticed from the very first trailer was the fully lived-in universe it created. Concept artist Kev Jenkins provided designs for Morag, Xandar and Knowhere. They're beautiful. » 9/02/14 1:30am 9/02/14 1:30am

A New Tactical Shooter Sharing DNA With The Last Of Us

Concept art for upcoming squad-based real time strategy game Breach and Clear: Deadline. "A deadly new breed of human monster is on the rise in the sprawling metropolis and it’s up to you to stop it before the infection spreads." » 7/30/14 7:37pm 7/30/14 7:37pm

X-Men: Days of Future Past's Sentinels Could've Looked Very Different

The giant, mutant-killing robots in the latest X-Men movie didn't look exactly like they do in Marvel Comics' popular superhero series. They were still recognizable as Sentinels, though. Alternate designs would've had them look almost like human beings. » 5/29/14 11:00am 5/29/14 11:00am

Drones and robots of all sizes. That's some fine, detailed artwork—titled Game of Drones—by Montreal-based visual development studio OXAN. Could even work as a great concept art for a dystopian video game set in the near future. » 12/12/13 9:00pm 12/12/13 9:00pm

Why Pacific Rim Doesn't Look Like Any Movie You've Ever Seen Before

Pacific Rim pays tribute to classic monster movies and films about massive mechanical gladiators — but at the same time, this movie looks totally different than anything you've ever seen. We talked exclusively to the head creature designer, the legendary Wayne Barlowe, and VFX supervisor John Knoll, to find out why. » 7/08/13 12:31pm 7/08/13 12:31pm

Ever Wonder Who Does The Art For Game Posters, Ads And Boxes?

Sometimes, the art behind a video game is done by the people making the game. Other times, some of the creative process is handled by an external party, like Massive Black, or Atomhawk. » 5/22/13 1:00am 5/22/13 1:00am

Has A Single Piece Of Concept Art Ever Sold You On A Game?

Before I knew a single piece of information about Lords of the Fallen, I knew I wanted to play it. Whatever is going on in this image, I want to be a part of it. Has that ever happened to you? » 5/16/13 5:15pm 5/16/13 5:15pm