The 10 most insane alternate reality versions of popular superheroes

You would think that having the powers of a radioactive spider, or wearing a cape to a fight, would qualify as crazy enough for comic books. Not so. Comics delve into alternate worlds that show different sides of their superheroes - nutbag, wacko-smacko sides. Take a look at the looniest alternate reality versions of… » 11/18/13 9:14pm 11/18/13 9:14pm

Meet The Chinese Guy Who Ripped Off Conan O'Brien

This is Da Peng. He is a Chinese variety show host, and he recently made his American television debut—for ripping off Conan O'Brien.

On a recent episode, Conan O'Brien showed how Da Peng's program, Da Pang Debade, totally copied Conan's opening animation. O'Brien then copied some of the silly antics of the Chinese… » 3/01/12 5:30am 3/01/12 5:30am