Fans Polled Over Which Anime Or Manga Should Be Live-Action And Most Replied "None"

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Yikes! A Japanese poll asked one thousand men and women, ranging in ages from teens to 60s, to name which anime or manga they’d like made live-action, courtesy of Hollywood. The reply that took the number one slot should surprise no one, really.


It was, well, “nothing” or “none.”

Here, via Yahoo News! Japan, is the rest of the top ten:

1. Nothing/None: 456 votes

2. Demon Slayer: 60 votes

3. Attack on Titan: 48 votes

4. Jujutsu Kaisen: 34 votes

5. Naruto: 24 votes

6. Detective Conan: 18 votes

7. Slam Dunk: 15 votes

7. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: 15 votes

7. My Hero Academia: 15 votes

10. Hunter x Hunter: 14 votes

What about you? Which would you pick?

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Pacing is a big reason why most anime/manga wouldn’t work. Adapting a story that spans hundreds of chapters into 90-120 minutes is not going to be easy. And since most of these productions have over a dozen characters of some importance cutting characters, arcs or subplots may not be an option.

There are some short-format series that might work, but they may not have the audience that even a failed big-name movie might bring in. And since Hollywood is all about making bank they’d rather bet on a bad big-name movie still being financially successful than putting out a good no-name adaption that only breaks even.