Pretend You Have the New iPad By Looking At This Screenshot

The makers of hit iOS game Infinity Blade II say this is what their game looks like when it runs on the new iPad. We asked for a direct comparison shot, but they had none to offer. If you can render one from the same scene, off of an iPad or iPad 2, share it below. Thanks! (Click the bottom right corner of the image to … » 3/16/12 10:40am 3/16/12 10:40am

In Two Years, Gears Of War Might Chainsaw A Phone

Donald Mustard, creative director of Chair Entertainment (Shadow Complex), sees a bright future for gaming on a mobile phone. One so bright that in 2-5 years we'll be playing Gears of Wars on something that fits in our pockets. » 11/04/10 5:30am 11/04/10 5:30am

See Epic Games' Project Sword For The iPhone In Action

If you missed yesterday's Apple event, you may have also missed Gears of War and Unreal Engine developer Epic Games showing off its new first-person slasher for the iPhone and iPod touch, Project Sword. You shouldn't miss it this time. » 9/02/10 4:40pm 9/02/10 4:40pm

Shadow Complex Cheaters Targeted For Bans, Gamerscore Wipes

Chair Entertainment may approve of players sequence-breaking Shadow Complex, but it does not condone cheaters who "compromise our game." Microsoft's Xbox Live team will be going after dishonest Shadow Complex players, banning them from leaderboards and deleting their Gamerscores. » 9/15/09 6:20pm 9/15/09 6:20pm