Carl Sagan's Solar Sail Is Ready For Its First Test Flight

“There’s just a tremendously exciting prospect called solar sailing. [It] travels on the radiation and particles that come out of the sun, the wind from the sun. Because it has a constant acceleration, it can get you around the inner part of the solar system a lot faster...than the usual sorts of rocket propulsion.” »5/09/15 6:11pm5/09/15 6:11pm

From Carl Sagan to Cheech & Chong: The Netflix Board is The Most Diverse Part of the Miiverse

The Miiverse is full of amazing and creative output, but If I had to choose one board that consistently impresses me, it's the Netflix community. Not only is it full of truly talented people, it's surprisingly varied in subject matter. Everything on Netflix is fair game, from Large Marge to Jay Sherman. »1/10/13 7:30pm1/10/13 7:30pm