Even Infinity Ward Is Split on Killing Call of Duty Dog

Will they? Won't they? Following the reveal of Riley, Call of Duty: Ghost's awesome dog, people couldn't help but wonder about Call of Duty Dog's fate—especially when it would be so easy, if not cliche, to off the dog in an attempt to make an emotional powerplay. » 6/18/13 4:30pm 6/18/13 4:30pm

Yup, Call of Duty Dog Is Still Way More Impressive Than CoD Fish

Another year, another Call of Duty. You know how this stuff works; we get another title which finds new ways to lead you through bombastic set pieces. After sitting through a demo today at E3, I can confidently say you can still expect that kind of stuff in Call of Duty: Ghosts. What actually stood out in the demo,… » 6/12/13 6:30pm 6/12/13 6:30pm

Thanks, Call of Duty Dog, For Brightening Up A Mostly Dull Xbox Event

Ask anyone who watched today's Microsoft press event to name the most memorable announcement and they'll probably say, "There's a new Xbox." Ask them for the TWO most memorable announcements and they'll probably say, "Well, there was this dog..." » 5/21/13 5:15pm 5/21/13 5:15pm