A German Shepard Steals The Show In The New Call of Duty

Sure, Call of Duty: Ghosts could sometimes feel kind of eh, but it wasn't all bad. In fact, the levels where you got to hang out with Riley the dog, if not play as Riley, are excellent. Hell. Riley straight up stole the show.

I mean, look at the bugger. He's charming.


The first time you meet him in-game, he's playing fetch. He's a pro at it, too.

Riley isn't just any dog, though. He'll accompany you into the heat of battle.


Sometimes he'll lead the way...


'Cause he's good at scouting, see.

Oh, hey. Maybe you've noticed that armor he's wearing. It's bullet-proof, and it carries equipment that allows you to give Riley orders. Riley may look adorable, but he's vicious! He can tear a man down, easy.


First he'll sneak up on 'em...notice the thing he does with his ears? You can't mess around in sneak mode, man.


And then, when he's close enough, he'll go in for the kill.


They never stand a chance, really. Even when there's lots of 'em.


Helicopters? No problem.


Yup, Riley is by far the best part of Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Good boy, Riley.

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I can think of another videogame "dog" that's introduced while playing fetch...

Now that Dog had charisma.