A Historical Brothers in Arms Game is in the Works, But Furious 4 is Next

The next Brothers in Arms will be the E3-announced over-the-top, gleeful Nazi-killing Furious 4, but fans of the series' earlier historically authentic games need not fret. "We're going to do more of that," Gearbox chief Randy PItchford said at PAX today. More of Sgt. Baker's exploits are in the works, but he had… »8/28/11 6:45pm8/28/11 6:45pm

Rumor: Gearbox Lays Off 26, Drops Aliens: Colonial Marines - Update: Gearbox President Responds

Update: »11/21/08 10:30pm11/21/08 10:30pm Gearbox president Randy Pitchford tells us that the Sega published project is still on, that the independent developer has been undergoing "some transformative changes" resulting in "some talent changes." His full statement is after the original report. We've heard from multiple sources that Gearbox Software…