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Gameloft Launches Brothers In Arms: Hour of Heroes For iPhone

Illustration for article titled Gameloft Launches Brothers In Arms: Hour of Heroes For iPhone

Gameloft have released Brothers In Arms: Hour Of Heroes for the iPhone, bringing 14 missions over 3 theater campaigns to your pocket.


Control is via a 'fire' icon and a touchable movement circle, that at least looks like it might be a bit more analogue than a fake D-Pad and which changes according to whether you are on foot or in a vehicle. The accelerometer comes into play too as a natural way of lobbing grenades at your foes. (Be sure to hold on tight, lest you lose your precious phone)

During the 3 campaigns in Normandy, Ardennes & Tunisia you will use bazookas, machine guns sniper rifles and grenades, drive a Sherman Tank and a Jeep and die in a hail of bullets. A lot.


First Look Video at ‘Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes’ [Touch Arcade]

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My problem with gaming on the iphone/touch:

I don't want to move the damn screen when I play. I don't want to put my hands all over the screen when I play. I want to LOOK AT THE SCREEN.

I have an Ipod touch and I love it, but jeez, the mere fact that your in-game view is constantly blocked by your own fingers, is enough to kill any notion of it being a "serious game device" for me.